Jesus had issues with organized religion

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Jesus had issues with organized religion of his time. He fought a religious system that was critical and impossible to please.

“How can I account for this generation? The people have been like spoiled children whining to their parents, ‘We wanted to skip rope, and you were always too tired; we wanted to talk, but you were always too busy.’ John came fasting and they called him crazy. I came feasting and they called me a lush, a friend of the riffraff. Opinion polls don’t count for much, do they? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Matthew 11:16-19

Bottom line, God didn’t like the church pudding.  He didn’t like a lot of what was going on with organized religion in Jesus’ day.  What’s to say he doesn’t feel the same way today?  I guess he must have mixed feelings.  In one scripture he calls the church his beautiful bride, and in others he says she is totally unfaithful to him.

So what does a person like me do?  Do I just give up on church?  Quit eating church pudding?  I’ve certainly considered it.  

Just thought I’d confess.


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